Thursday, 7 May 2015

 (Artist, Delilah K. Stephens, copied without permission)

 A Mother's Day Message

This post began as a rather childlike rant in my mind about how much I dislike shopping for Mother's Day cards. These at best sappy, at worst saccharine, messages decorated with butterflies and pastel coloured flowers provide a lovely token for some children to offer to Moms, or a frustrating dilemma for others who find it very difficult to offer a lie about who their mother is or has been to them. At last check I did find some cards that attempted to be funny by talking about potty training.  (I pause now to say thank goodness for the 'Blank Note' category at the card store). Of course, not everyone needs to celebrate Mother's Day or perhaps the day is one to be avoided due to grief and loss. 

I would offer up a suggestion that we take a moment to honour the Divine Feminine, mother energy, Mother Earth or whatever term makes sense to you. In Celtic tradition the month of May brought the Beltane Fires, a time of renewal, reconnection to the earth and a welcome back to the light. 

By all means, take the time to recognize those you love and time to receive those thanks from children. I have every single crayon-crafted, construction paper card and macaroni masterpiece I have ever received from my two daughters over the years. But I suggest we look for something deeper, more meaningful - that we can't find on a greeting card. 

Blessings to you,


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